Hae Kum Gang | REVIEW


i’m a pretty big fan of korean food, and i’d been searching for a good korean restaurant in the city, when i came upon hae kum gang after scrolling a mile through zomato –hae kum gang was a little too pricy for my liking, but the food was what i was looking for, though the lack of sushi did really put me off for a few minutes. there was a lot to choose from and the menu came with pictures to show people like me what exactly we were ordering.


we didn’t really order anything unfamiliar to us. we kept to chicken items that the waiter patiently explained to us and didn’t really try out anything new and strange (my friends aren’t fond of the cuisine so i had to listen to incessant complaining from them so we ordered according to their wishes, really).we didn’t eat much, but the fried chicken pot and the side dishes were pretty filling by themselves.


we finished off by having the sweet beef rolls, which i absolutely loved. this was the highlight of the meal and i enjoyed it a lot despite my abhorrence of sweet items. if i go back, this or any other roll is probably the first thing i’d order!

overall: 7/10


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