recently, i visited orion mall for the first time. colorbar is one of my favorites, and i was stoked when i ran across their stall. i’ve used my entire colorbar haul to create this plum make up look –


however, in this make up look, i’ve used a base of dark brown to make the purple a tad darker than it is. i’ve also reduced my cupid’s bow drastically. the purple color suits my eyeshadow, a mix of brown and grey, much more than i’d hoped it would.

i’ve also gone back to arches for my eyebrows, and just outlined them with a angled brush and created a slight arch since i haven’t emphasized my eyes as i usually do.

none of these photos have been edited, so you can see for yourself the colors without any added effects, except for good lighting!


to be honest, i like how my eyebrows have come out despite the ends being a little shabbily done thanks to my hurry to get out of the salon!

the plum lipliner is a must for those of you who enjoy this shade, and to be honest, i was quite apprehensive of it before trying it out, and now i love it! although i haven’t yet tried out the actual lighter color of it without a base in a different color, i’m sure i’ll adore that make up look as well once i try it! here’s the lipstick ‘wild berry’ from colorbar that i’m wearing:

Processed with VSCO with n1 preset

let me know what you think of this make up look! what other colors do you recommend i try? if there are any questions regarding the rest of the basic make up i wear, like foundation, concealer, and others, feel free to ask in the comments!


4 thoughts on “Plum | COLORBAR”

  1. Loved this post.
    Definitely gonna get this lipshade the next time I get a chance to go to colorbar πŸ™‚
    Could you do a post on skincare favs? I remember before you’d said (probably in an old post) you were dealing with acne. Would love some recommendations πŸ˜€

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