Nike | OOTD

nike 1

comfortable shoes are my thing, and my nike runners are number one on that list. however, it’s a bit hard to style these, so i’ll explain how i’ve worked them into my daily outfits –

in the first outfit depicted above-

i wore the comfy look for a casual lunch and an art gallery visit. i wore a loose purple t shirt and black ripped denim to create a street look. the muted colors of the rest of the outfit made my shoes pop. there really wasn’t anything special about this, the entire outfit was put together without adhering to color coordination. but i chose the shoes so that they went well with the purple but also stood out!

nike 2

in this next outfit, i decided to go for a more color coordinated look. the entire outfit works well with the shoes while remaining casual. the crop top is a bit of different play from the bottom half of the outfit.

in the future however, i think i’ll opt to letting my shoes contrast my clothing rather than work it in as a matching element. thought that’s going to be hard since the clothes i’ve been purchasing recently are all only good with sandals of some sort.

if you have any tips/feedback let me know in the comments! for more of  my outfits head over to my instagram: @bbyannxe


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