DIY Distressed Denim | OOTD


i’m quite fond of this versatile piece: ripped skinny jeans. these black ones were my staple piece before the trousers came in –

i love the stretchy kind, so i always buy all my jeans in the same style. these black ones have been with me through several different outfits! here, i’ve kept it minimalist with a simple tee and heels.

with minimal accessories: the hair tie on the wrist and the simple chain i’ve worn, i haven’t drawn attention elsewhere, and i think in this case, i’ve let my hair stand out the most, since it contrasts well with the color of the shirt.

i chose a nude bag to go along with this instead of a black one. the two different shades of black would clash and make it look a tad awkward, so i opted for my disaster proof tan bag instead!

these heels are much easier to walk in for me, since i never wear pencil or any other kind. for a ‘shoe’ person like me, these are the best in terms of the world of heels. i’m actually quite proud of my ability to walk in these. the simple tee isn’t tucked in at the back simply because it’s a habit of mine not to, you can tuck in yours!


what do you think of this outfit? to be honest, i wear blue more often than i should- how would you wear your distressed jeans? a little tidbit: these are diy, as the title says, and you can make these yourself!


6 thoughts on “DIY Distressed Denim | OOTD”

  1. beautiful! i’m in love with ripped black skinnies too 😀 love your shoes as well ❤
    instagram: the_ch1ara

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