this is a photo of me from last year, when i had a lot of acne and scarring. i used a fair share of concealer to hide those, but now, thanks to my treatment and because i follow a vigorous routine, my acne is all gone! here’s the 2015 edition –

below are some of the most important tips that helped my reduce my acne to total zero over the course of a year:


i cannot tell you how important this is. whether it’s heading out for a while or spending the entire day out, you need to be able to clean your face as soon as you can and get rid of all the possible germs on it. don’t let them stew! take off your make up as soon as you get home and cleanse and exfoliate if you need to! note: i use several herbal products designed to reduce acne scar visibility and such, so if you want me to list those out, let me know in the comments below.


this one doesn’t create that much of a visible difference, but the way it helps is crucial. since it eventually ends up helping us flush out all the toxins in the body, thereby cleaning it, drinking water is very important and also keeps your skin very supple and hydrated, preventing it from going dry and crackly.


contact of your face with these create acne from the transfer of dust and other harmful particles. if you have particularly oily skin like me, wash your pillow covers often and make sure to clean your glasses and phones to make it bacteria free for your face!


this doesn’t mean you have to get rid of all those pizzas and burgers that you eat. no really! just don’t eat a lot of oily fried stuff and you’re fine! balancing things out is a must for people with acne prone skin. i no longer consume carbonated drinks or chips and other snack items. when i do have junk food, i balance it out with yogurt or fruits and veggies! note: depending on your skin, you might want to reduce/dump those foods which heat up your body since those are red alerts for severe acne.


these are the tips that i’ve been following religiously from last year to improve my skin. i’ve made a few changes over the course of the last few months since i no longer have acne and i’m only left with scars. i’ve changed my routine to work on those instead now. let me know how this helps you.

i was an insecure teenager with low self esteem, but i got over the issue of having acne, and i do get it, even now, but since i improved my image of myself, i don’t get bothered by it. the most important thing is to love yourself for who you are, even with all those ‘flaws’.

let me know which tip is the most helpful and how it works for you guys in the comments below!



7 thoughts on “HOW I IMPROVED MY SKIN | 2015”

    1. no problem! i had so much acne issues that made me insecure and since i’ve tried a ton of stuff, i thought i’d put out the natural ones that really work! ❀


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