Matte & Brown


recently, i’ve switched from much lighter nude shades to a matte brown that varies in its tint depending on the outfit i’m wearing. this look is great if you have thick glasses but want to pop even with them on –


using simple drug store make up, i’ve applied a dark brown matte eye shadow on my eyelid right up to my crease and not a bit beyond. this emphasizes my eye color and goes well with the lip color as well. lately, this eye shadow color has become a frequent feature in all my looks.

i’ve kept everything else simple; there’s nothing much on my face except concealer for some of those spots that still haven’t gone away from my acne treatment (i have acne prone skin that breaks out incredibly fast for a multitude of stupid reasons, so i watch everything).

my lips are the highlight of nearly every single one of my make up looks; i do put in a lot of effort to make sure they’re just perfect when i draw them in.


in this look, i’ve slightly toned down my cupid’s bow and kept my lips relatively the same size so it doesn’t look overdrawn. this is because i already have a dark eye shadow on and with the glasses, the eyes are going to pop enough. always remember the rule: it’s either the eyes or the lips!

let me know what you think of this make up look below and let me know some combinations of eye shadow that i can wear with this lip color! good luck if you decide to try it out!

to see more of my make up looks as and when i wear them, follow my on my instagram: @bbyannxe and check out my snapchat: @sayannie!


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