Portland Steakhouse | REVIEW


portland steakhouse remains one of my favorite restaurants in the city. with an excellent selection of food and stunning plating and flavors, i’m tempted to frequent it more often than i should –

named after its signature dish, the place does justice to the tender cuts it places in front of its customers. the slices of beef are juicy and break away evenly under the sharpened edge of the knife, wherein the visitor has an array of gravies to lathe it with, all of them equally tangy and supplementing the dish perfectly.

the onion rings and the chicken salad were light starters ordered and carried a crisp freshness that contrasted well with the heavy meat items in the main course.


perhaps the highlights of the lunch were the arrabiata pasta and the large beef burger too big to fit into anyone’s mouth in one go. the flavors were rich and intense and bled sufficiently onto the palate even as one reached for another bite.


overall: 8/10


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