Peach & Nude


i love nude shades, and this look is something i wore a lot during spring and early fall last year. here are the little details about this look –

i’ve not used a heavy mascara, so my lashes aren’t the highlight of this look- rather, it’s the thick eyeliner that really pops. i’d just colored my hair black (my natural hair color is light brown), and the liner coordinated well with it.

i don’t draw out my brows since i prefer to get it cleaned in the right shape, and then to highlight it, i apply white or creamish eye shadow right below the line to accentuate the clear cuts. i’ve only used one other color for my overall eye make up- a soft nudish brown in a light shade that goes well with the creamish one right above it.

the lipstick i’m wearing in the photo is colorbar’s ‘peach peach’, a matte nude peach in an affordable price. like always, i’ve overlined my top lip to round off my cupid’s bow!

since i have acne issues, i rarely go heavy on the facial make up. here i’ve worn only my concealer from lakme (the tiny tone bottles, this one is in the shade 4-5, i use 6-7 for my darker make up looks)! i’ve just straightened the top layer of my hair for this look and kept it simple!

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none of these photos have any added filters and/or are not edited in any way, so you can see the colors of the make up just as they are!


this is a look you can get in around 20 minutes, if you’re in a rush and there’s not much you have to do! let me know how this works out for you in the comments below!


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