Trousers | HOW I STYLE

all natural gummy smile

my most recent purchase has transformed into my go-to choice: these trousers are something i think i wear too often-


it’s a habit; i find a really good piece and i wear it out too often. these trousers are relatively affordable: light material, comfy, and stretchy! i’ve dropped my habit of wearing loose tees and adopted a more tight, crop top style over the last few months.

i wear this too often too

in the first outfit, i’m wearing a signature crop top of mine, and with minimal accessories, i’ve let the colors do the talking. the backdrop really worked well for me in that outfit photo!

in this second outfit, i’ve coordinated my top (another crop), with my 100% green flipflops: a personal favorite since they’re made solely out of wood and jute! i’ve gone for a more casual disposition here: messy hair and sandals!

this is the most awkward pose i have ever done

both of these outfits really suit my style: casual, chic, and faded. i’m not quite sure what my style name is exactly, but i’ve been settling down recently in terms of my own style! let’s see how my wardrobe continues to expand- i’m going to have to go shopping for my second year of university soon!

all the clothes are from forever21: i shop moderately and with a limited budget, so most of my clothes are low on the price scale! let me know your thoughts about the outfit in the comments section below!


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