i drew my favorite ootd from @hilisaaa

i love fashion sketching, but unfortunately for me, with the number of hobbies i have, i barely get time to do these. here’s a few quick tips for fashion sketching –

i always practice the bodies and the poses before i start on the actual piece. i don’t usually draw full body and i rarely draw people, so practice is the key. developing your own style is also something i highly recommend; within your own unique style allows you to play around a bit and develop quirks uniquely your own in your art. (proportions are key guys!)

i keep all my art minimalist, so there’s always simplicity in the way i sketch out the textures of the outfits; here for examples, the coat and the bustier! i do minimal shading to allow the clothes themselves to speak. the hairstyle and the face are done last, so i can always adjust something if necessary! good luck guys!


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