Faux Freckles | DIY


right before i switched over to darker lips for summer, i grew obsessed with the ‘faux freckles’ trend. i did a fair bit of research before attempting to do this; there are a lot of materials available to produce the desired effect, but i kept to the basics.

to create my lighter toned freckles, i used a brown eyeliner pencil and created dapples running across the bridge of the nose before spreading out to the end of my eyebrow; the freckles are concentrated in the middle of my face, a replication of an image i had chanced upon in my research. though i don’t think my freckles are realistic, i’m happy with how they came out!

a little word of caution, though they look quite acceptable in photos, they simply cannot match the beauty of natural freckles, so don’t be disappointed if they don’t look too realistic!

maybe in the future,  i might use the freckles to add to a new make up look! if you have any queries, drop them in the comments below.




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