Minimalist and eco-friendly is the proverb of Dyu Café located in 5th block, Koramangala. With their fresh and slightly pricy delicacies, they win over all visitors, most of whom, like me, itch to return for a taste of their impressive desserts.

Decorated by nature and minimalist hands, with ample open space to allow free flowing air to create an ambience of its own, Dyu Café is the perfect little establishment to sip coffee whilst working. With an assortment of drinks to choose from, from heavy coffee to the light chamomile tea, it acclimatizes to wide range of visitors.


Key Lime Pie, priced rather reasonably despite its refined countenance, is best suited for saccharine palates and scorching days. Sanguine and smooth as it slips down the throat, the addition of whipped cream creates a soft stability between the lime filling and crumbling biscuit base.

A cautionary notice- in light of its more eco-friendly aspiration, there is a lack of electronic conveniences, including AirCon, fans, and plug points! It is perhaps a little pricey, but worth regardless in light of its garden-fresh and unique menu. Dyu Café is a place to frequent for those who prefer the light breeze drifting past them and the smell of coffee in a natural setting as they toil or unwind.



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