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Thenthuk | FOOD


I recently discovered a Tibetan restaurant above the Tibetan shopping center in Brigade Road. This one was rather different from the other restaurants in the area.

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University Lifestyle | MINIMALISM

Being a minimalist with a leaning towards zero waste in university is difficult. Here are a few tips to help stick to the minimalist lifestyle in college.

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Decision Fatigue | MINIMALISM

What exactly is decision fatigue? It’s the decreasing quality of decision making during a long process of decision making and it happens to everyone! Here’s how to deal with this by implementing minimalism.

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Zero Waste & Minimalism | MINIMALISM

Minimalism and zero waste are quite different (the first hinges on decluttering while the second says nothing should be wastefully discarded), but come together in their concepts of frugal/simple living.

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Casuals | OOTD



I’m actually a fan of these types of t-shirts, the ones with colored sleeve ends. Here’s how I styled this particular top! (This look is similar to the previous one.)

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